Information for Oral and Poster Presenters


Oral Presenters

  • Arrive prior to your listed presentation time (a best practice is to attend all of the presentations slotted for your presentation room.). There will be a few minutes before and after each presentation that you can use to load your PowerPoint onto the computer. You can also go to the room before the session starts to load and test your PowerPoint. We will have an AV tech on hand to assist you if you should have any problems.
  • Be respectful of other presenters as you enter and exit the rooms.
  • All rooms are equipped with computers and projectors, screens, and WIFI. Some of the rooms also have a dry erase board. If you plan to show a video or connect to the WIFI, please set this up BEFORE your session. You will need to log in as a hotel guest and this takes some time. The rooms are meeting-style, not lecture halls or classrooms.
  • Bring your presentation on a flash drive. Have backup copies, should the AV fail (i.e. email the presentation to yourself, and always have a printed hard copy of your slides should you need to present without technology.) There is no need to bring a laptop. There will be technical assistance available in each presentation room. 
  • Our computers are equipped with Microsoft PowerPoint 2010. It is not guaranteed that we can accommodate other presentation formats (for example, Prezi). Clickers will be provided.
  • Oral presentations are 10 minutes, with 5 minutes for Q and A. There will be a room moderator in each room who will introduce you, and facilitate the discussion. They will also let you know if you are running over time.
  • Moderators will hand out feedback sheets to those in attendance, and give them to you after the presentation, so you can see what others thought of your presentation.
  • All rooms will have water, should your throat get dry.
  • Finally, enjoy yourself, learn new things from your colleagues, and share your knowledge!

Poster Presenters

  • Information about hanging posters will be available shortly.
  • We will have a moderator on hand to assist you.
  • Push pins will be available to hang your poster.
  • Find your poster number as listed in the conference booklet, and set up on that easel. Easels will have a white card with the number listed on it. Posters should be no larger than 30”x40”.
  • Stay with your poster for the entire session to answer questions and discuss your research.
  • Feedback sheets will be available so you can see what others thought of your presentation.
  • After the session has finished, roll your poster up and take it with you.
  • The poster session is a great place to network- have your business cards (which will be distributed to you at conference registration) with you!
  • Finally, smile, speak with clarity, and enjoy yourself!